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Dust collecting filtration system intercepts and removes dust and impurities from air or gas released from production processes. An effective and properly working dust collecting system is essential to keeping the environment the clean and protecting the health and well-beings of employees.


Variations of dust collecting systems include wet scrubbers, cyclone separators, and dust collectors; among them dust collector being the most versatile and widely used system due to its ability to handle high volume of air and high filtration efficiency.


Goldentex Pro supplies filter media and related parts and accessories for dust collectors of all kinds. 



Dust Collecting Systems

Filter Bags for dust collectors. Available in different fiber types in sizes. Custom design bags built to suit customers' preferences are also available.

Cartridge filters for dust collectors. Available in pleated form and different fiber types, including anti-static fiber. Standard size will fit in all dust collectors found on market.

Accessories and parts for Pulse Jet Air dust collectors including:

- Solenoid Valve

- Sequential Controller

- Differential Pressure Gauge

Insert wire cage for filter bag support in Pulse Jet Air dust collectors. Available in different sizes and materials. 

Dust collectors that use filter bags (or cartridge and cell plate filters) can be categorized by the method by which dust particles are cleaned off the surface of the filter media.


The three primary type of dust collectors include:


Pulse Jet Air dust collectors


Shaker Type dust collectors


Reverse Air dust collectors


Goldentex Pro offers filter bags and filter cartridges for all three dust collector types.

Dust Collector Types

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