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Goldentex Pro offers standard bags with different fibers, top sealings, and sizes. Our liquid filter bags comes in

two types: Square Mesh or Felt.


Standard sized bags are able to fit in most filter housings on the market. Custom bags can also be made to the customer's specification.


We also provide welded seam bags that have no sewing holes, greatly eliminating the chance of particles penetrating through the holes.


Our bags come in a range of micron rating availability (µm):


1     5     10     25     50     150     200     ~    1000

felted liquid filter bag

PP felted filter bag

with metal ring top

nylon mesh liquid filter bag

Nylon mesh filter bag

with plastic flange top

Fiber Materials


      Square Mesh

               - Polypropylene (PP)

               - Polyester (PES)

               - Polyamide (PA)



               - Polypeopylene (PP)

               - Polyester (PES)

               - m-Aramide (NO)

               - Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS)

               - Polytetrafluroethylene (PTFE)

liquid filter bag

Liquid Filter Bag

thermal welded filter bag

Welded Seam Filter Bag


Our thermally sealed, welded seam filter bags require not

a single string of thread, providing a needle-hole-free filter media that holds a distinct advantage over needle-sewn bags.


The welded seams completely eliminate the possibility of unfiltered liquid bypass through needle holes. Thus resulting in tighter seams and improved efficiency.

custom filter bag in Thailand

Thermal welding machine and a thermally welded top

Custom-Made Liquid Filter Bag


Goldentex Pro can also custom-make filter bags to our clients' specifications.


We manufacture our liquid filter bags right in our factory in Thailand. So our customers can expect a speedy delivery as well as recall and/or replacement should there be any faulty products. 

Filter Bag Size & Liquid Flow Rate (GPM)

      Size               Product Dimension           Square Feet          Max. Recommended Flow Rate (GPM)

#1 (P1 / S1 / ST1)                        7" x 16"                                        2.2                                            55 GPM / Filter Bag

#2 (P2 / S2 / ST2)                        7" x 32"                                        4.4                                            90 GPM / Filter Bag

#3 (P3 / S3 )                                4" x 9"                                          0.7                                           16 GPM / Filter Bag

#4 (P3 / S3 )                                4" x 14"                                        1.0                                           25 GPM / Filter Bag

#5 (P5 / S5 )                                4" x 24"                                        1.8                                           45 GPM / Filter Bag

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