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Yarn Combination

For those who want to optimize their filtration efficiency or have sludge with special properties (i.e. sticky sludge), we recommend filter clothes with yarn combinations to deal specifically with different operating conditions.


These filter clothes are composed of two different types of yarn: one for the warp and one for the weft of the weave; with each having an advantage to make up for the disadvantage of the other. 


Yarn combination can improve surface smoothness, cake release, and resistance against cloth blinding, while not sacrificing partical retention capability.


Ask one of our specialists about our combined-yarn filter cloth today by contacting us.

Frontside and backside of a filter cloth with combined yarn: monofilament & multifilament

Back side of the same filter cloth showing multifilament yarns.

The multiple strands of the multifilament is ideal for partical retention, greatly supplementing the monofilament yarn while not affecting cake release rate. 

Cake laden (front) side of the filter cloth with monofilament yarns.

The particularly smooth texture of the monofilament allows for sticky cake to detach and fall from the filter cloth more easily when the plates are opened.

Yarn Combination
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