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filtration system consultation consulting in Thailand



dust collector measurement


dust collector filter bag installation


With more than 20 years of accumulated in-field experience, Goldentex Pro is a leading expert in filtration systems.


Goldentex Pro offers FREE consultation services and have helped many of our clients to resolve filtration system issues and reduce operation losses 


We welcome anyone with problems regarding their filtration systems to contact us.

Goldentex Pro offers to do intricate measurements of

your filtration systems FREE of charge.


Obtaining accurate 

measurement is especially crucial in creating products that fit and work properly.


Please contact us to arrange the most convenient time for us to go to you to do measurements. 

Goldentex Pro provide installation services for our clients. Our highly-trained team follows a strict safety protocol to ensure the safety of you and our staff. 


Our insistence on quality control requires one of our specialists to be always on-site and survey the installation process.


This is to ensure that the filter bags are properly installed so that no leakage or other

problems may arise.

Even after we have delivered our products, Goldentex Pro will continue to offer post-service technical support to our customers. 


Our specialist will keep in touch with you to make sure our products are working properly, report new problems we may have found and offer advice and solutions, and/or recall and replace any faulty products, if applicable.



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