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Goldentex Pro is the leading specialist in air and liquid filtration, particularly in emission control and waste water treatment applications.


We take pride in our extensive knowledge and expertise about filtration systems, and we have helped a great number of our clients maximize their filtration system efficiency and reduce operation cost.










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โกลเด้นเท็กซ์ โปร จำหน่ายและผลิตผลิตภัณฑ์การกรองหลายชนิดสำหรับ การกรองอากาศ (Air Filtration) การดักจับฝุ่น (Dust Collecting) การกรองของเหลว (Liquid Filtration)

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For specific operation conditions for filter presses such as sticky cake, we suggest using specialized woven filter media with combined yarn types. Combined yarn such as mono x multi benefits from improved cake release while still maintaining a good retention capacity... read more

Filter press clothes that combat sticky sludge:

Yarn Combination

Choosing the right fiber type for your filtration media is important in many aspects. Certain fiber can wistand high operation temperatures, while others may offer good resistance against acid or hydrolysis. For a completely analysis head over to our fiber comparison chart and see which fiber is the most suitable for you... click here

Introduction to fiber types:

Choosing the right fiber for your operating environment

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