Snap Ring Head
Snap Ring Head

Flexible steel band with double beaded gasket to create tight seal

Double-Felt Head
Double-Felt Head

Flexible steel band with exposed doubled beaded gasket

Open Cut Head
Open Cut Head

Primarily used in bottom load collectors, uses steel clamp to create seal

Rubber Head
Rubber Head

Flexible rubber head with gasket

Flange Head
Flange Head

A gasketing collar that forms a tight seal when compressed against tubesheet

Ring Head
Ring Head

Steel ring sewn into top to secure bag to tubesheet

Loop Bottom
Loop Bottom

Primarily used in shaker collectors, used for hanging and tensioning of the filter bags

Disk Bottom
Disk Bottom

Standard bottom for jet-pulse collectors, uses two needle lockstitch to maximize strength and durability

filter bag production in Thailand


All of our filter bags are produced right in our factory in Thailand by our team of highly-skilled staff members.


This allows us to respond to our customer's demands quickly and deliver the finished goods within the appropriate time.


We can also custom-make bag designs of your choosing, and produce filter bags of all kinds of shapes and sizes.


If our customers were to be unsatisfied with our finished products, we can quickly recall and replace any faulty products (when applicable) so that our clients may prevent any downtime losses.

Goldentex Pro offers a wide range of fiber types, each with attributes that work best under different working conditions:




              Polyester (PES)

              Polypropylene (PP)

              Polyacrylonitrile (Acrylic)

              Polyamide (PA)




              Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS)

              m-Aramide (NO)

              Polyimide (P-84)

              Polytetrafluroethylene (PTFE)

              Fiberglass (GF)

fiber type


We also offer a wide variety of felts with special surface treatments finishings. Each with benefits towards different kinds of dust:


   การเผาขน / (Singed)

   การรีดให้ผ้ามันเงา / (Calendered)

   กันนำ้และนำ้มัน / (Oil & water repellent)

   กันไฟฟ้าสถิต / (Antistatic treatment)


                  / (Acids & Hydrolysis protection)

   แผ่นเยื่อPTFE / (PTFE membrane)

    Protection against flying sparks treatment

    Polyurethane foam deep coating

    Copolymer foam deep coating

    Microfiber felt

surface treatment




filter bag for dust collector


Goldentex Pro supplies filter bags for all standard types of dust collector:

Pulse-Jet, Shaker-Type, and Reverse-Air dust collectors.


We offer a wide range of custom designs and media options, as well as an assortment of coating and finishing treatments. Our filter bags use a three needle lockstich to provide virtually leak-free seams.


To ensure the satisfaction of our customers, Goldentex Pro will send a specialist over to you to get accurate measurements of your filter bag and dust collectors. This is to ensure that the bags will properly fit in the dust collector and eliminate the possibility of leakage.


Goldentex Pro also offers installation services. Click here for more information.