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Monofilament / เส้นใยยาวเดี่ยว


- Particularly smooth

- Excellent cake release

- Low retention capactiy of particles

- Low risk of blinding

Multifilament / เส้นใยยาวกลุ่ม



- High tensile strength

- Good cake release

- Good retension capactiy

Staple / เส้นใยสั้น


- Low tensile strength but large surface for

  optimum rention of the smallest particles

- High filtration efficiency

- High resistance to wear

Plain / ลายขัด

- Very simple structure with the same appearance of both sides of the fiber

- High retention capacity

- Low resistance to blinding

Twill / ลายสอง

- Diagonal structure

- Very good mechanical resistance

- Good resistance to blinding 

- Good cake release

Satin / ลายต่วน

- Cake side can be very smooth and flat

- Excellent cake release

- Medium retention capacity

- Very good resistance to blinding

weave pattern plain
weave pattern plain
weave pattern twill
weave pattern twill
weave pattern satin
weave pattern satin
Cloth Design
filter cloth production in Thailand

All of our filter press clothes are produced right in our factory in Thailand by our team of highly-skilled staff members.


This allows us to respond to our customer's demands quickly and deliver the finished goods within the appropriate time.


We can also custom-make filter clothes with the supplements of your choosing, and can produce filter cloth for either normal or round plates of all sizes. 


If our customers were to be unsatisfied with our finished products, we can quickly recall and replace any faulty products (when applicable) so that our clients may prevent any downtime losses.


filter cloth for filter press


Goldentex Pro's filter clothes are compatible with all standard models of filter presses for your wastewater treatment systems.


Choose from a range of yarn types and weave patterns that is most appropriate for your operation conditions. Or consult with one of our specialists to find out which combination is the most suitable for you.


We also offer yarn combination to help you optimize efficiency by improving surface smoothness, cake release, and resistance against cloth blinding. 


Our highly-trained staff can also custom-make cloth supplements of your choosing; ranging from neck reinforcement to eyelet installation. 


Our filter clothes generally uses the following fibers: PP, PES, and PA

yarn type


weave pattern


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